art statement

My work has been influenced by the Japanese concept of Shibui, which means restrained elegance; simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty; acerbic good taste (James Michener) or my favorite from Soetsu Yanagi, beauty with inner implications.

Some of my ongoing concerns and investigations are: the relationship between storytelling and selfhood, the intersection of accident and intention, how to speak of the aging female body and through it; queer narratives of desire and reciprocity, the landscape of interiority and awareness in an age of socio/political discord — how do we not lose ourselves in horror — and finally, my on-going love-affair with the “drunken stupor” we call life—the messiness, the confusions, the contradictions, the struggles, the banality, the “divine play,” the fun, the goofiness.

How does one enter into an intimacy of all things?