Lauren Crux is an interdisciplinary artist who works in a variety of contemporary media (photography, video, sound, movement, poetry, text, and sculptural elements), with a concentration on performance, particularly the monologue.

Crux earned her MFA in interdisciplinary studio arts from UC Irvine in 1997, where they took a perfectly respectable writer and photographer and turned her out as a performance artist. Since then she has written and performed six full length solo shows: My Lunch with Sophia Loren & Other Stories; Starting from the Wrong Place; THREE: a risky, irreverent and curious look at the things that keep us awake at night; OUTTAKES; On Being Cool and Other Digressions; and Two Truths and a Lie. She also has co-created and performed in numerous group and collaborative projects, e.g., Lineage: Matchmaking in the Archives; Intervene! Interrupt! Rethinking art as Social Practice; Hark & Woe. 

In her solo work, she has performed at Highways, LACE, and UCLA, in Los Angeles; the Marsh, Luna Sea, Z Space Theatre, Venue 9, and the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts, in the San Francisco/Bay area, as well as other performance venues in northern and southern California.

All her work reflects her on-going love affair with the “drunken stupor” we call life—the messiness, the confusions, the contradictions, the struggles, the doubts, the beauty and horror, the banality, the “divine play,” the fun, the goofiness.


individual shows written & performed by Lauren Crux

Little Rambles: ongoing epistolary performance project, words and images

Little Rambles: ongoing epistolary performance project, words and images
Borrowed, Found & Stolen Words: language-art interventions

My Lunch with Sophia Loren, Tell It On Tuesday, Berkeley, CA, Sept. 25
My Lunch with Sophia Loren & Other Stories, The Santa Cruz Fringe Festival, Santa Cruz, CA, July 13–18
Starting from the Wrong Place
, The 418 Project, Santa Cruz, CA, March 3

Desert Notes: Sunrise at Font’s Point (with dancer, Lisa Milloy), PRESENT/TENSE: Dance and the Word, Suddenly Dance Theatre, Victoria, BC, Canada
Through the Craic, The Mill Works Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA, Nov. 1
Dinosaurs & Haircuts, The Mill Works Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA, June 7

Dinosaurs & Haircuts, Tell It On Tuesday, Julia Morgan Theatre, Berkeley, CA, Sept. 29
Dinosaurs & Haircuts, GLBT Historical Society, San Francisco, CA, June 19

Still Running, San Francisco Theatre Festival, San Francisco, CA, July 27
A Modest Experience, The Dead Cow Gallery Santa Cruz, CA, June 13

A Medley, Cowell College, University of California, Santa Cruz, Oct. 11,
This Is Just to Say, Julia Morgan Center for the Arts, Tell it on Tuesday, Berkeley, CA, June 26

This Is Just to Say, Flaming Puppet Sisters, 418 Project, Santa Cruz, CA, July 8 & 9
Julia Morgan Center for the Arts, Tell it on Tuesday, Berkeley, CA, March 28

group shows

Food for Thought (an interactive solo performance as part of the opening celebrations), The Dinner Parties: art and agriculture, Porter Sesnon Gallery, Santa Cruz, April 10

The Love Letters Project, Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, CA, Feb. 11

Way Out West, Out West: Coyotes, Cowboys, Open Spaces, The Willing Suspension Armchair Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA, Sept. 7 & 8
Desert Notes: Sunrise at Font’s Point (with dancer, Lisa Milloy), PRESENT/TENSE: Dance and the Word, Suddenly Dance Theatre, Victoria, BC, Canada

Dinosaurs & Haircuts (installation) – Lineage: Matchmaking in the Archive, a project by E.G. Crichton with the GLBT Historical Society, San Francisco, CA, June 19–Oct. 20

A Modest Experience,”  with dancers Sara Wilbourne and Sarah Day, Discourse Off the Walls, Women’s Solos, The Dead Cow Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA, June 13
Affair-on-the-Green: A Private Choreographed Conversation with 12 Women, Intervene! Interrupt! Rethinking Art As Social Practice, University of California, Santa Cruz, collaboration with EG Crichton, May 14

selected publications

The Scribbler, #89 Modernity, “Little Ramble #5

Fourth Genre, Summer, “Good Enough. For Now.
The Colorado Review, Summer, “Little Rambles #11, #28

Poetry Flash, Dec./Jan., “On Reading Anne Carson’s Nox”
phren-Z, summer, “Desert Notes: Sunrise at Font’s Point” and “Way Out West”

Generations: a journal of images and ideas, Vol 2, Spring, “Way Out West”
A Gay and Gray Anthology, New Town Writers, Chicago, “My Lunch with Sophia Loren”

TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism, Issue 11, October, “Dinosaurs & Haircuts: a performance monologue”

McMahon, Jennifer, ed., Illuminations: Expressions of the Personal Spiritual Experience, Evolving Editions, Houston, Texas, “Almost a Buddhist, “ & “This Mountain My Life”

Masters, Rand, ed., The Anthology of Monterey Bay Poets, “It Is the Hour,” Chatoyant Press, Monterey, CA

Porter Gulch Review, spring 2003, “Notes for a Poem that Fits in the Palm of my Hand,” and “They Say that Touch,” Santa Cruz, CA

photography: group shows

Photo: Queer Photography, SF GLBT Community Center, San Francisco, CA, Sept 17-Nov. 21

Video: Wahine O’Kaha Nalu: Women of Bodysurfing, Imaginaria, 9th International Lesbian Film Festival, Bologna, Italy, Feb 22-25

Video: Wahine O’Kaha Nalu: Women of Bodysurfing, San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, San Francisco, CA, June 21
Video: Wahine O’Kaha Nalu: Women of Bodysurfing, Hi! Mom Film Festival, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, March 7
Video: Wahine O’Kaha Nalu: Women of Bodysurfing, Queer 2000, College Art Association, New York City Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, New York, NY, Feb 12-March7

photography: individual shows

Two Truths & A Lie, Fine Arts Gallery, UC Irvine, CA

Fire and Water, Porter Sesnon Gallery, UC Santa Cruz, CA

Impact, Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery, Watsonville, CA

Emergence, Ella Gray Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA


2016 LGBTQ Lifetime Achievement Award, Santa Cruz County, CA
2014 The James Irvine Foundation Honorary Fellowship
2014 Resident Fellow, The Djerassi Resident Artists Program, California
2011 Resident Fellow, Red Cinder Creativity Center, Hawaii
2009 International Fellow, VCCA, the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Ireland
2005 Resident Fellow, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Virginia
2004 Arts Research Institute, University of California, Santa Cruz, Major Project Grant
2002 Theatre Bay Area CA$H grant


1997 Masters of Fine Arts –– Studio Arts, University of California, Irvine
1975 Masters of Art –– Counseling Psychology, University of Santa Clara
1968 Bachelor of Arts -––Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz

What People Are Saying:

  • “[She] offers us beauty, passion and searing cultural critique.”
  • “By turns comic, touching, sensitive, brilliant—I was swept up in so many ways.”
  • “completely engaging, funny, smart, sad, touching, observant, and beautifully written.”
  • “funny, subversive, attuned to the absurdities of life, in this country, in her own life.”
  • “It’s good, it’s current, it’s tough, it’s stirring, and it is meeting a social/political need.”
  • “Witty and irreverent, tender and subversive.”

Reviews & Press Quotes:

  • “In a gripping display of solo acting skill,
    Crux creates elaborate narratives that are
    pithy, provocative, sexy . . .”
    The Good Times

  • “Crux skillfully blends monologue with visual,
    poetic, and sculptural elements, taking the
    audience through an unexpected seduction.”
    Reynolds Gallery Newsletter, University of the Pacific 

  • [Crux’s work] is layered and rich . . .
    Her stories . . . always manage to turn the
    most ordinary things into the extraordinary.”
    The Daily Campus

Sarah Albertson, March 18, 2012:

  • Starting From The Wrong Place was a totally absorbing evening of performance that included two monologues written and performed by Lauren Crux combined with interludes of dance and music that imaginatively supported and counterpointed Lauren’s rich commentary.

  • Lauren Crux is an exceptional artist. Her stories flow out of her with warmth, wit and elegance. She holds the stage magnificently as she invites us to look at life in a fresh way.

  • Lauren says that she seeks “the beauty with inner implications.”

  • Absolutely! A smart, generous beauty of mind and language led us deeper and deeper toward the mysteries that lie beneath things we normally give only casual attention.

  • In her delivery, the simplest details, the most artless asides come together to create the story of a sensibility that seems to grow in depth and resonance with every utterance.

  • Lauren never lets us get stuck in one way of looking at something. She scrutinizes all sensibilities—especially her own. She manages to be “cool” at the same time that she calls the validity of coolness into question.  She talks about “edge” facetiously, yet we know all the time in her performance that we are experiencing the value of “edge”.

  • As with all fine storytellers, Lauren makes us feel the power of our own imaginations. Lauren, as the guide, leads us into worlds we wish to linger in far longer than just the evening we have shared with her. By the end  of Starting From The Wrong Place, we realize that we have arrived at a very beautiful place – the soul of an artist.

  • – Sarah Albertson, Faculty, Theatre Arts Department, Cabrillo College