On Inspiration

And where do you find inspiration? What fuels your creative needs?

One of the things I learned about being an artist many years ago, was that an artist pays attention to everything. Sources for inspiration abound –– it may be my cat crunching on her food as I write this, or the 50’s tune the DJ is playing on the radio, or perhaps a stray thought wanders in offering food, or a memory surfaces and surprises me with something I haven’t thought about in years, or I overhear a bit of conversation that moves me or makes me laugh, or the colour blue in a dark night sky stops me in my tracks, or a bit of graffiti upends me, or a stunning poem grabs me with its simplicity, or the gorgeousness of the white/yellow torn-edged tulips that greet me when I arrive home for lunch, make my hunger for food irrelevant, or maybe something I read while waiting for the doctor invokes curiosity to know more . . .   It’s all stuff for inspiration.

Breathe-in experience, breathe-out poetry. (Muriel Ruckeyser)

What comes next: well then I gather up whatever I am thinking/feeling/breathing in and I write, or create images, or fool around with stuff until something is made and I step back and realize what I am feeling about some part of the world, some part of living in this often confusing, difficult, challenging, goofy old world of ours.

A few things that inspire my work:

the power of gesture      a line of meaning(s)         the spaces in-between

the ocean              the desert                         a landscape of         vast


the places where something has happened          or not

and always

sweet, dopey, funny life (Anne Lamott)

And what inspires you? What do you breathe in?